A TSLint config for JavaScript Standard Style with a plus of useful rules. :green_apple:
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TSLint Config Standard Plus :green_apple:

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A TSLint config for JavaScript Standard Style with a plus of useful rules.

TSLint Config Standard Plus contains a JavaScript Standard Style rules as well as a set of additional rules that will help you with syntactic & semantic checks of your TypeScript code in development.


Config Standard Plus Legacy

Optional tslint config (tslint.legacy.json) that extends from default tslint.json but with additional rules overwritten:

  • Enforce consistent spaces like the default config.
  • Enforce “double” quotes instead of ‘single’ ones.
  • Enforce 4 space indentation instead of 2.


This repo exists thanks to these awesome TSLint config projects listed below :tada:

🚀 See all rules in tslint.json file and examples at Printd or Hyperapp Starter source code.


Many of the rules set include formatting feature built-in. This repository contains a VS Code User Workspace pre-configured that you can use in order to gain all rule sets benefits just saving your files (ctrl/cmd + S).

For more details, take a look at .vscode directory.



yarn add tslint-config-standard-plus --dev


npm install tslint-config-standard-plus --save-dev


Setup your tslint.json in your project as follow:

Config Standard Plus (default)

  "extends": "tslint-config-standard-plus"

Config Standard Plus Legacy (optional)

  "extends": "tslint-config-standard-plus/tslint.legacy"

Overwrite rules

To overwrite some specific rules add "rules" section after "extends" in your tslint.json file.

  "extends": "tslint-config-standard-plus",

  "rules": {
    "no-any": false



Feel free to send some Pull request or issue.


MIT license

© 2018-present Jose Quintana